a giant plus quilt for the bed


It’s so fun to have a new quilt on the bed! I decided to go all Denyse Schmidt on this one, and pulled fabrics from many of her past lines. I figured this one would be mostly used during the winter, so I went with a darker, wintery feel for the colors, eliminating the brighter prints, and those on a lighter background.


It’s a king sized quilt, made up in a nice and simple plus design – this time in oversized plusses so it all comes together quite quickly! I used 8″ squares here – the five squares can be cut from the width of fabric so I only needed 1/4 yard of each print.


While I have quilted a few larger quilts here, I opted to send this one out. I sent it to Lindsay at Eileen Quilts (she had previously quilted this quilt, which now resides under this one – cold Vermont winters require multiple quilts!). I opted for the fun bubble pattern, and I was so thrilled to see it in person – Lindsay did a beautiful job, as usual!


The backing is a pinky purple solid along with a few pieces of the larger printed scraps and I bound it all in the great Denyse Schmidt seedpod fabric. I’ve found many uses for that print recently.

[I just realized that the four quilts on our two beds are all made up of either all, or many, Denyse Schmidt prints – a fan, for sure! (this giant plus, FMF lattice, FMF on point & Drunk Love)]

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