echino strips

I started this quilt the other day. The idea was to use up some of my Echino fabrics – in my mind I imagined larger blocks so you could really see the various prints. Of course, as it so often goes, once I started cutting and playing with the fabrics it turned into something else entirely!

So here’s what we have on the design wall –

As you can see, rather than those larger blocks showing the Echino prints, I chopped them up into smaller strips and sewed various sized blocks together using a bunch of colorful solids.

In the end, I think I’m glad it took this turn – I think the stripes are fun, and I think it will make for an interesting wall hanging – perhaps something fun for the baby’s room? (We certainly haven’t gotten to the decorating stage yet, so who knows!)

I’ll probably keep it this smallish size, and maybe work on some dense straight line quilting. And maybe in the future I’ll have a chance to use up some more Echino fabrics in a larger quilt design!

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