happy valentine’s day!

I’ve made a few Valentine-y quilts over the years (2013 (maybe my favorite?), 2014 with baby Hazel!, 2017 in a snowstorm…), and while I hadn’t had one in mind for this year, suddenly the other day I got the urge to make one. I love Allison’s heart block pattern, and thought it’d be fun to make up larger heart blocks to show off all my favorite Liberty of London prints.

I found this black and white polka dot fabric in my stash, which I’ve used, and loved!, for background before  (it’s by Bonnie Christine, from her Hello Bear line). I knew I’d be cutting it close, and indeed, I soon discovered that I did not have enough background fabric to finish this one in time for today. Never fear though, I ordered a bit more from Hawthorne Threads, and hopefully should soon have this one finished!

I have a feeling it may be snapped up by one little girl who loves hearts and quilts!

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why not?! (or tetris on grandma’s couch)

(why not add a floral print?!)

Hey hey! As usual, life got in the way of blogging, and despite thinking that I’d have more time to sew and blog once the kids were in school more, it seems I really just spend more time driving kids here and there and trying to get all my errands done while I only have 1 child. Though since turning two, Henry has been a bit on the challenging side, throwing tantrums and refusing to sit in shopping carts and not wanting to get in or out of the car. It makes errands difficult for sure. But I digress. There has been some sewing happening, though more of small things and less of quilts. I’ve been sewing itty bitty outfits for twin nieces, due next month, little sherpa hats to keep heads warm in chilly VT temps, and even a few new sweatshirts for myself. Oh, and a few new zip pouches, out of fun fabrics that have been in my stash for far too long!

I had a bit of a free weekend a couple weeks ago though, and decided a new quilt was in order. I had pulled a page from a recent Crate and Barrel catalog, feeling inspired by this pillow, and decided to see where that inspiration took me.

Initially it took my to my (somewhat limited, these days!) stash of Kona solids, so these colors are less chosen and more dictated by what was available. I made a bunch of these outlined squares, but then found that I was definitely not going to have enough to make this quilt rectangular or a useable size. I didn’t really want to order and wait for additional colors, so was happy to wake up one night thinking “a floral! what this quilt needs is a floral border!”. I found a couple yards of this older Hope Valley print in my stash and decided it would do.  I still can’t decide if it’s crazy and too far out there, or if it’s a nice juxtaposition. I like it, and I think that’s all that matters!

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itty bitty fabric buckets

Maybe you remember my tutorial for round bottom fabric buckets? I posted it way back when with instructions for two sizes. Recently when I was asking my friend for teacher gift ideas she suggested mini fabric buckets to hold a baby potted plant. Yes! I thought it was perfect and quickly set to work adjusting the sizes to create this tiny version.

This baby size might be my favorite! They’re so cute and quick to make, and really, don’t we all need more tiny containers to hold little treasures?

I used Erin Dollar’s Arroyo fabric for the exterior of this bunch – they’re printed on Robert Kaufman Essex and I like the extra structure the linen blend provides.  Coupled with a bit of interfacing (I used Pellon 931TD fusible midweight because that’s what I had on hand), these little buckets are quite sturdy!

I’ve updated the fabric bucket tutorial to include the measurements for this little size, so head over there if you want to make up a few of these!

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