a catnap rainbow quilt top


It was certainly a chilly, gray day for quilt photos, but I think this bright quilt warms it all up. In photos anyway. In real life it was mighty cold! I have been pretty excited about Lizzy House’s new line, Catnap, and when it arrived arranged so nicely in rainbow order from Westwood Acres, I couldn’t resist running with that rainbow idea. I added in a bunch of other rainbow basics for a total of 72 unique prints.


I knew from the outset that I wanted to set the squares on point and to sash it in hot pink. I pulled out a couple pink solids, and when I asked Morgan for his opinion, he thought I should use both. I decided to go with it, using fuchsia for the majority of the quilt, with a corner of raspberry.


And interestingly enough, I only had enough of the fuchsia for this portion of the quilt, so even if it hadn’t been a choice from the beginning, I probably would have decided to substitute another pink to finish the quilt top!


Lizzy’s Catnap is such a fun line, and even though I’m sorta indifferent about cats (I probably shouldn’t say that here, huh? I don’t dislike cats – in fact, I quite like them when I see them, but I just don’t necessarily want to have one. Though that probably has more to do with the fact that I don’t want to be responsible for feeding anyone else!), I’m quite in love with this entire line.


So much so that I couldn’t stop at just one quilt! Next week I’ll show you the second rainbow quilt I made out of these fabrics.


(my quilt photo helper, obviously not bothered by the cold!)

_ _

Oh, one more thing! Over the last couple days I’ve been destashing some harder to find fabrics – it really is time to pare down to just those fabrics I can actually see myself sewing with – and you can find some still available here in my shop. (If you want advance notice for these destash sales, I usually post it on Instagram.)


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