double rainbow


While cutting squares for the on point catnap rainbow quilt (clearly lacking a catchy name!) I decided to cut an extra smaller square or two for a second quilt. Cut once, quilt twice, or something like that (cut once, make two quilts? ah, who knows!).


I thought it might be fun to see how the two quilts might vary, even though they used the same fabrics. While the first quilt uses larger squares on point, just one square of each print and only the pink solid in the sashing, the simple charm square quilt uses 5″ squares, mostly 2 squares of each print, and a range of complementary solids.


I’ve made many simple patchwork quilts like this one, but I don’t think I’ve ever grouped colors like this – most often I’m trying to evenly disperse both the colors and prints, so it felt a little strange to lay it out like this. But happily, I quite like the end result!


I know this is a simple quilt, but sometimes, especially now that my quilting time is limited (hello, non-napping baby!), I enjoy just having a chance to sew fabrics together.


(Again, fabrics include the full range of Lizzy House’s newest line, Catnap, along with a rainbow of other basics and solids from a variety of designers. My previous post includes links for shops selling Catnap.)

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