I’ve had a bit of an obsession with the beautiful florals and the silky feel of Liberty of London tana lawns for quite a while now. It’s a bit of a collection for me – on occasion I do sew with it (a couple Tovas, and a quilt or two (or three or four or, ok, I lied! five, six, seven…!)), but mostly I admire it on the shelf. Which is exactly what I was going to do with the fat quarter bundle I purchased from Westwood Acres (fat quarter bundles are sold out, but there are a couple F8th & F16th bundles still available) recently (did you know they’ve started selling Liberty? Yay!).


But each time I walked by the bundle I kept thinking that it would be so much better made up into something I could actually use, and so one day, during coloring time with Max, I decided on this quilt design (colors are random in my diagram, which made it kind of hard to follow!)


It’s really just a redo of my recent faceted diamonds quilt. This time around though I wanted to keep it simple to show off those pretty Liberty prints, so I went with one print on either side of the solid white. (Plus, sometimes I just want something quick and easy to finish!)


I paired several of the prints from my bundle with a few from my stash, and boy, I’m quite pleased with it! I’d love to be laying under it now, but I’m having trouble deciding on a backing, and (and!), I’m even considering hand quilting it, so it may be eons before I actually get to lay under it.


Anyway, Westwood Acres is now offering a Liberty bundle of the month club, where you can opt for a fat quarter, fat eighth or fat sixteenth bundle and each month you’ll receive 10 lovely new Liberty prints (to add to your stash?). I love this idea, as it’s a really great way to get a great variety of prints (and paired with a few solids or other prints, a little Liberty actually goes a long way!)

So, thoughts on backing? Ideas are always welcomed!

In addition to Westwood Acres, I've also purchased my Liberty from Pink Chalk Fabrics, Jones & Vandermeer, Purl Soho, the Greene Stitch Co, and even Fabric.com (some are even on sale at the moment!)

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12 Responses to Jubilee!

  1. 1
    Marion says:

    Ashely, your quilttop lets one look forward to spring ! So beautiful, the combo of the colours are very well chosen – I like it. Backing ? For this one I would only take a
    nice white one…like Kona snow or a nice green solid one. thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Janet M. says:

    This is beautiful! I love how you pieced it off-center.

  3. 3
    HappyNess says:

    Hand quilting? You go girl. I’d go white binding and white backing. Looking forward to your decision.

  4. 4

    Love the springy colours, can’t beat a bit of Liberty paired with lovely simple white! And thanks for the link 🙂

  5. 5

    I so love this quilt top! I just finished my sixteen patch Liberty quilt top from Liberty Love. Its a birthday gift for Layla and I was thinking I would back it in organic sherpa since she is all about soft things. However, between the Liberty and the double gauze, its just way too light for so heavy a backing!! I say if you are going to go with anything to “match” the quilt top, you ought to go full throttle for a Liberty back. I think that’s what I’m leaning toward. It will either be that or I’ll use a Free Spirit solid voile for the back to show off the hand quilting. Also, I think the voile is a bit softer and sturdier than the lawn, which is always nice when a quilt will have exposure to children!! I can’t wait to see what you do!

  6. 6
    Liz in Houston says:

    Sometimes a quilt says to you, “Make me! Even though extra effort will be needed to make certain the colors align, make me!” Good for you for listening to that voice cause the quilt is gorgeous!

  7. 7
    Kaesey says:

    That yellow print stole my heart! What a lovely quilt top. I’ve had my eye on some Liberty for a while – I’ll go check out the club you mentioned.

    For backing, perhaps a voile in a light solid (another yellow)? I just finished a mini quilt based on a piece of my husband’s art (http://kaesey.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/his-and-her-art/) and went through half my stash before settling on a binding and backing. I kept thinking red for the binding but it was a soft gray that won out. Funny how that happens. =) I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose for this!

  8. 8
    Lana says:

    Beautiful and peaceful…but where’s a baby on it?

  9. 9
    Kay says:

    Liberty is my favourite fabric in the world. I would back it with another Liberty lawn or go for a voile. I just think that it needs a super soft and light fabric to match the front. Or maybe go with a white backing which has a center panel of Liberty print squares.

  10. 10
    Netta says:

    I love that you designed this during coloring time with Max. My 5yr old and 7yr old and I often sit and color together, them drawing or coloring in books, and me with my grid paper pad and pencil crayons. nice family time, each doing your thing.

  11. 11
    Sue says:

    It is beautiful – love your color choices – hope we can have a tutorial or purchase a pattern some time soon.

  12. 12
    Dyann says:

    I love this quilt, the colors and your block placement makes me want to make one! Did you use a 7 inch block like your previous qluilt? It looks like you only used 3 fabrics per block….white in the center and a print on either side of the white…is that right? Thanks 🙂

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