I’ve had a bit of an obsession with the beautiful florals and the silky feel of Liberty of London tana lawns for quite a while now. It’s a bit of a collection for me – on occasion I do sew with it (a couple Tovas, and a quilt or two (or three or four or, ok, I lied! five, six, seven…!)), but mostly I admire it on the shelf. Which is exactly what I was going to do with the fat quarter bundle I purchased from Westwood Acres (fat quarter bundles are sold out, but there are a couple F8th & F16th bundles still available) recently (did you know they’ve started selling Liberty? Yay!).


But each time I walked by the bundle I kept thinking that it would be so much better made up into something I could actually use, and so one day, during coloring time with Max, I decided on this quilt design (colors are random in my diagram, which made it kind of hard to follow!)


It’s really just a redo of my recent faceted diamonds quilt. This time around though I wanted to keep it simple to show off those pretty Liberty prints, so I went with one print on either side of the solid white. (Plus, sometimes I just want something quick and easy to finish!)


I paired several of the prints from my bundle with a few from my stash, and boy, I’m quite pleased with it! I’d love to be laying under it now, but I’m having trouble deciding on a backing, and (and!), I’m even considering hand quilting it, so it may be eons before I actually get to lay under it.


Anyway, Westwood Acres is now offering a Liberty bundle of the month club, where you can opt for a fat quarter, fat eighth or fat sixteenth bundle and each month you’ll receive 10 lovely new Liberty prints (to add to your stash?). I love this idea, as it’s a really great way to get a great variety of prints (and paired with a few solids or other prints, a little Liberty actually goes a long way!)

So, thoughts on backing? Ideas are always welcomed!

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