Now I realize that not everyone enjoys charm square quilts, but I continue to find them fun, if for nothing else than the fact that it gives me something to sew at that very moment and doesn’t require too much thought. Because sometimes I like to sew just for the sake of sewing. I think I tend to make these quilts when I’m working on a larger quilt that’s taking some time — these give me the satisfaction of a quick finish and then I’m better able to get back to working on the larger projects. At any rate, here they are –

A cute little one out of the new Urban Chicks Dream On charm packs I managed to snag on ebay…


a bold & fun one out of MoMo Odyssea –


and an old favorite, out of a couple of MoMo Wonderland charm packs I had set aside –


Oh, and the other good thing about these charm square quilts? They’re small and therefore quite portable. And if you know me, you know that I don’t like to waste a moment sitting around without simultaneously working on a project! Handsewing these bindings kept me quite entertained in the car this past weekend!

All three are for sale in the shop.


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