how do you store your fabric scraps?


I won’t say this is the most organized way of storing scraps, but I think it’s kind of fun, and it allows me to combine my love of old containers, particularly old enamelware, with my love of fabric.


I’m particularly fond of the enamel lidded pots (lids are good so no one can see how many scraps I have! oh, and they keep out dust… also good). I keep wondering if they ever made these pots in other fun colors – turquoise, or pink, maybe? I have a small pink enamel saucepan, but typically I only see the larger stock pots in white. I’ll keep searching!


The old egg basket was a recent gift – thanks again Phiona! – I love the size of it, and even though my scraps try to escape through the sides sometimes, I still think it’s a fabulous spot for storing fabric!

I keep them all under my sewing table so they’re out of the way, but still easily accessible when I need to grab some scraps!

So tell me, how do you store your scraps?


And speaking of scraps, I pulled out some favorites the other day to make up a couple cute potholders. (String block tutorial can be found here)


(love the selvage as cute hanging tags!)

One’s headed to Chris, who gifted me a gorgeous potholder made of Flea Market Fancy hexagons, and one’s going to Cindy, who made me this absolutely fantastic pincushion out of selvages I sent to her (Cindy also sells her selvage pincushions here). Thank you both!


Now I just need to get myself some cute pins! Anyone have any favorites?

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