goldfish stripes in blue and brown… a baby boy quilt

I almost forgot to show you this one! I made it a little while ago, and then it was immediately mailed off to its new home, so I didn’t really get to spend any time admiring it. It was pretty cute though!


Perhaps you recall the stack of blue and brown fabrics I showed earlier? I really love those colors together – simple yet sophisticated, I think. And I’m always happy when I can come up with something appropriate for a boy.


Once again, I went for nice simple stripes so I could really show off those cute Heather Ross goldfish.


For the backing, I used a nice blue solid (blueberry, maybe?) and a wide stripe of some of the remaining fabrics. Goldfish on both sides – what could be better than that?!


I stippled it with a cream colored thread, and bound it with the brown Katie Jump Rope basketweave print.

I hope it will be well-loved in its new home!

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