homes for gnomes and faqs

First up, blocks for a new quilting bee, Bee Imaginative. Kerri’s month is January, and she requested little houses. She sent along a wonderful array of red and aqua fabrics, along with some cute little gnomes.


I’ve seen so many of these cute little houses – originally here, by Ingrid Press, and then also here, here and here (to name just a few!), so I was excited to try them out myself… and they were really fun!

I started out with this one – just a cute little house with a crooked roof –


and then had enough extra fabrics to make this tall patchwork one –


Hope you like them Kerri!

As an aside, I’ve started a FAQ discussion in my Flickr group. I tried to think of those questions I’m asked all the time, but I’m sure I forgot a bunch. It’s a start though, so if you’re interested, head on over to check it out. And of course, please feel free to add any other questions you might have!

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