a less colorful checkered garden?

A couple things! I still have not yet contacted any long arm quilters about quilting my king sized checkered garden quilt. Mostly because I dread the thought of having to iron all those seams again. I also can’t seem to decide on a backing. Probably an extra wide one so I don’t have to piece it, but which one?! A print? Another solid?

If you’d like to make up a similar-looking checkered garden quilt, I worked with Beth at Stash Fabrics to put together a large FQ bundle of many of the Kona solids I used in my original quilt. You can snag a bundle right here. My Checkered Garden tutorial is here if you want to make your own.

Anyway, despite not finishing the original, I keep thinking about making another one. I really like the idea of a less colorful version. I took a photo of a couple of my favorite blocks and had Morgan make a very rough mock up of what a quilt would look like if you were to use one block duplicated for the entire quilt.

I like the new pattern that emerges, but now can’t seem to commit to one set of 5 colors! (though I’m leaning to the one above)

Or you could make it just a tiny bit easier and use a plus sign in the center of each block instead of a 9 patch –

Ah, so many options, not enough time! But certainly fun to think about!

_ _ _

P.S. Llama Fabrics is having a spring sale! Use coupon code SPRING20 for 20% off everything in the shop!


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pink tips

Lucky for this quilt top, it never actually made it to my ‘quilt top closet’. Sadly for some of those quilt tops, it’s been years since they’ve seen the light of day! This one might have been on its way there, but for a trip to Nido, where I happened to see a Cotton + Steel print that would make a perfect backing.

Quite a nice match, no? Somehow I didn’t even know this fabric existed, so I was pretty excited to see it in person. I bought enough to use it for the entire backing, so it was a pretty easy job to sew it together to make a backing.

I’m really happy with this quilt – perhaps because it wasn’t planned? I’m not sure, but I know that I love all the neutrals and the linen and those great screen printed pieces and of course the bit of hot pink at the edges (previous post about this quilt top here).

I quilted it with straight lines running horizontally and vertically, irregularly spaced. I always love how it looks, so I’m sticking with it! It’s bound with another Cotton + Steel print – I had a few binding options, but this one easily won out for it’s great scattered design, which I think is perfect for a binding.

And then this wall! We went to the waterfront for a photo, but came across this painted wall on the back of an abandoned building. Though the quilt colors aren’t an ideal match, I couldn’t pass up such a great backdrop!

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the intersection of Friedlander and Carkai

I started this quilt top with the intention of remaking my Intersection quilt (tutorial here). I made 4 blocks, chopped them up, sewed them back together into the intersection blocks… and didn’t like them!

Luckily though, I do like these blocks as they are prior to chopping them up and sewing them back together, and set on point I like them even more!

They’re made up of all Carolyn Friendlander fabrics (along with just a couple Kona solids that complemented). I bought a bundle of Carolyn’s latest, Friedlander, from my local shop, Nido, and loved how they looked with my left over prints from Carkai (and there might be a couple from older lines that snuck in too…)

I said it on Instagram, and I’ll say it again here, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Carolyn’s prints! It certainly doesn’t hurt that all her lines pair so nicely with one another. And it also doesn’t hurt that she provides such a great variety of colors/prints/scale.

I used one of her low volume prints for the center of each square, and bordered it in two of the prints. Rather than making the entire quilt out of these blocks, I decided to use what I had already made and fill in the rest with squares of the low volume prints. The random pointy triangles on the sides? Not sure. I made a few and then felt I should use them!

It was a beautiful day for photos at the lake. Unlike some years, Lake Champlain has not frozen over entirely, though you can see a section of frozen lake and then the open water behind us here (never fear, Morgan is standing on solid ground – he’s not a fan of walking on the ice!)

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