coming up roses…


One of the good things about moving is that sometimes you come across things long forgotten, like this great bundle of fabrics that I pulled together at the beginning of the year. I often pull fabrics only to return them to the shelves, but I really liked this one and put them all in a box (again, not labeled!) with the hope that they’d someday become a quilt.


I came across the box while unpacking and decided it should be my next project. I added in a few additional fabrics that fit the look and since then I’ve been sewing together half square triangles whenever I get a free moment.


My design wall is currently not on the wall, but instead is leaning against the wall right as you walk in the house. It serves a dual purpose of covering up an unattractive corner fireplace and also providing a fun spot of color when you come in the door. These cheery colors are certainly a welcome sight!

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long time!


My oh my! I had hoped to be back here before now, but as it turns out, moving is a lot more work than I imagined! (Previous moves were without kids and with significantly less stuff.) I incorrectly thought that the challenging part would be the part heading up to the move. Not so. Getting all the stuff out of the boxes has been far more work! Despite what I thought of as stellar labeling skills, I’ve managed to misplace many of our things – the bolts to the bed frame, a dining room chair, all of Hazel’s winter gear, which I just found today in a box labeled ‘Hazel – outgrown clothing, etc’. Note to self – ‘etc’ should probably not be used when labeling moving boxes.


But anyway, we’re mostly back to normal, and even though my sewing table had to live in the garage for a couple weeks, it’s now set up again and I’ve been doing a bit of sewing to make up for lost time.


I opted to work on this quilt, since it was the last packed and I was smart enough to pack all the fabrics along with the sections I had already sewn. (I labeled that box ‘sewing – last packed’, which is also not very descriptive…) Max has also been bugging me periodically about ‘his quilt’, and I’m certainly powerless to resist a three year old’s request for a new quilt!


I didn’t have much of a design wall set up, so I just decided to let it go and sew pieces together completely randomly. It came together quite quickly, as I used lots of solid white to create more of a minimalistic herringbone design. The prints are mostly Denyse Schmidt’s Hadley line, along with some Cotton + Steel basics.


The colors in this one lent themselves so well for a quintessential Vermont fall foliage photo, but the weather didn’t cooperate, or when it did, I found myself without any adults around to hold the quilt up. I’m hoping Max can brush up on his photography skills so he can start taking the photos for me!


(I realize you can’t really see the quilt here, but look… pretty trees!)

Previous post about this quilt can be found here.

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instead of packing…

…I may have started a new quilt. In my defense, I packed a few boxes, then took a little break to cut and arrange a few strips. It can’t be all work all the time, right?! The kind folks at Freespirit sent along a few fabrics from Denyse Schmidt’s Hadley line recently and as I was packing, I realized how nice this line looked with those Cotton + Steel basics (those basics seem to go well with everything!). I decided to cut them up for this fun minimalist herringbone quilt. I was going to stick with just the fabrics they sent me, but in the end I felt I’d like to see a few more of the Hadley prints included, so I ordered a bundle from Westwood Acres.


Max has already claimed this one for himself, so it looks like I’ll be making it bed-sized. White is likely a bad choice for a three year old (marker-obsessed!) boy, but I figure by the time this one is no longer looking so fresh, I’ll have made something else for him.

Our closings and move are all scheduled for Friday, so this one will be packed away shortly and continued after the move…


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