Echo quilt (+ giveaway!)


I’m excited to show you this quilt today! A while back I received an unexpected package from Windham Fabrics that included this great bundle of their upcoming Artisan Cottons. I was excited to see that they were adding these gorgeous shot cottons – I’ve always loved the extra depth that these cross weaves provide. I learned (during this blog hop, actually!), that half of these colors are woven with two different colored threads to produce the main color, while the other half are woven with a color and white to produce a chambray look.

Anyway, I admired the fabrics, then added them to the stash, because I was busy with other projects. As I pulled fabrics for other potential quilts, I found I frequently pulled colors from this bundle – they paired so well with so many bundles I put together (this one, and this one, most recently…)


Then, as is often the case, I suddenly decided this quilt shown in Roderick Kiracofe’s book, Unconventional & Unexpected, was a quilt I had to make right now, and decided that this bundle was the perfect fabric for said quilt (too bad I had already used a few of the colors!)


While I usually like my like my quilt to be different enough from the inspiration that it feels like something new, sometimes I like a quilt so much that I want the same one for myself. This is the case here – I’ve always held a soft spot in my heart for string quilts (I’ve made quite a few, and have a tutorial on how to make a string block here!), and I really love how the blocks in this quilt use the same fabrics in an alternating fashion. I also am fond of the fact that mixed in with the solids, there are a number of other solids and stripes.

Since each block uses two colors, I decided to sew strips together into strip sets and then cut my square, rather than using foundation piecing. I think it was a lot faster, especially since I was able to cut a few squares from each strip set.


Like the inspiration quilt, I wanted to add in a few extra fabrics to help increase the size and to add a bit of extra interest – I raided my stash and was happy to stumble upon a couple Japanese bundles I had bought a while back from Westwood Acres (they have the latest First of Infinity available now) – the florals just seemed appropriate, and I was mighty excited to find the First of Infinity stripes, especially since I could cut them so they ran perpendicular to the stripes in my blocks.


I love how the quilt turned out – I wish you could see it in person, because the shot cottons really add something extra that I’m not sure you can really see in these photos.

These new solids will be available in April, so be sure to look for them then! Or, leave a comment here to be entered to win this great fat quarter bundle of all of these beautiful colors. One comment per person, please! I’ll select a winner Friday evening.


Also, be sure to check out these posts from earlier this week about the Artisan Cottons – each blog will also be hosting a giveaway in case you want to up your odds!

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intersections quilt


I finished this fun quilt up recently with a bunch of straight line quilting and a fun tiger cat backing. I would have shown it sooner, but have been sort of waiting on a snowstorm (no luck, just ice and really cold temps instead…). I find it’s hard to photograph a quilt in Vermont during the winter – without a fresh layer of snow, things are pretty bleak.


This weekend I convinced my sister and brother-in-law to drive me around the more rural areas of Vermont looking for decent photo spots (a big thanks, W & E!). My sister, who wasn’t really dressed for the task, was nonetheless up for climbing through snowbanks to hold up the quilt, so now I can finally show this one off!



Tiger cats!


I quilted it with straight lines in both directions with random spacing between the lines. I love the look, though it does take some time to complete!


Keeping with the Cotton + Steel theme, I opted for this great red basic, which is part of Alexia’s new Mesa line. I don’t think I’ve ever used red for a binding, but I love the pop of color, and especially how it looks with those yellow cats.


Want to make one? My tutorial for this quilt block can be found here!

Cotton + Steel fabrics can be found many places, and their newest lines are popping up everywhere! Be sure to check my sidebar for a listing of my favorite shops!
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good fabrics gone bad.

I was excited about that fabric bundle I showed recently. I think I liked it because it seemed cool and a bit spare. I thought I’d like it with lots of white or gray solids. So when I set out to start a quilt out of those fabrics I decided to add…



Not a good decision (now it looks nothing like what I had in mind when I pulled out that bundle)! I guess I felt it needed a little something extra. So I made up several blocks and really felt meh about it. I should have cut my losses then, but I was being pretty stubborn and couldn’t seem to let it go. I switched from orange orange to slightly less orange, and a little bit pinkish-reddish and even some pale pink, thinking maybe it would tone it down. Not so much. While I did end up finishing the top, I definitely am not a fan.


I’d love to show you the full top, but temps outside have been below zero and strangely enough no one seems interested in going out to hold up quilts…

So, quilt it, or call it quits now? At what point do you decide to give up on a project you’re not loving?

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