handmade popovers


(love this Cloud 9 Palos Verdes voile! and yes, Max’s pants are on backwards)

I love me a J. Crew popover, especially now that they’ve been making them in lovely Liberty fabrics, and have sort of been obsessed with making my own for a long time now. But for some reason, while I have made myself a few tops in the past, a button down seemed very near impossible. Well, my desire finally got the best of me, and I found myself ripping apart an old, too small, J. Crew popover that had been hanging in my closet for longer than I can remember. I drew myself some new pattern pieces, upping the size a bit here and there, and then just hoping for the best (and mostly just hoping that I’d be able to figure out how it all went back together!).


I made the first out of this great voile print from Rashida’s Koi line (jumping right in with some nice fabric!). Luckily I had saved all the pieces from the ripped apart shirt, as I had to spend quite a bit of time studying it and trying to figure out how to sew it together.


(modeling this shirt? not an easy feat! sadly this blurry one is one of the best!)

I also found Grainline’s Archer sew along series quite helpful, as the steps used for the Archer button down shirt are quite similar (as an aside, the Archer would be a great pattern if you’re looking to make something similar!).


(a Liberty of London version)

I was surprised to find that I was able to recreate this shirt (and spent way too much time exclaiming over it all – “look, sleeves!, look, a back yoke!, a front placket!, a collar!… trust me, no one was happier than Morgan when I finally finished this shirt!).


It certainly wasn’t perfect, but thanks to the nature of this style of shirt, it was wearable, and I can’t tell you how satisfying it felt to be able to figure out something I previously thought was impossible. So satisfying that I quickly made a few more. And I have fabric ready for other versions. There may be such a thing as too many popovers.


Ah, but no. I couldn’t resist a mini version for Hazel. Meow.

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A Lua sleep sack


I hardly ever (ok, never) volunteer to pattern test, as I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator. But then a few weeks ago I was washing Hazel’s one warm sleep sack for the umpteenth time and I was thinking that I should really just make her a second one. Then I considered having to draft a pattern and quickly changed my mind. Strangely enough, that same day An of Straight Grain put out a call for pattern testers for her newest pattern, the Lua Sleep Sack. I very quickly volunteered (before I considered my procrastination issue!), and was so happy to have been selected.


I can’t really remember what first led me to An’s blog, but I’m sure it was because of her adorable daughters and the unique and beautiful clothing she creates for them. I hadn’t previously sewn from any of her patterns but I had a feeling this would be a good one, and indeed it was! And no need to worry about procrastinating — as soon as I received my copy of the pattern I was off rummaging in my double gauze stash.


This is a great project to show off a special piece of fabric so I picked this lovely Nani Iro double gauze for the outer, paired with a lime green Free Spirit voile for the lining. An gives the option of a piping detail for the front, which I thought was a nice added detail. I didn’t have any piping on hand, but I added a little faux piping by just folding a narrow piece of hot pink voile and inserting it as if it was piping (to match with my hot pink invisible zipper!).


The pattern was surprisingly easy to put together and results in a really beautiful, not to mention useful!, item. I highly recommend it! I made Hazel the 6-12 month size, and it’s a perfect fit, with room to move around, and even room to grow. I’m happy to say that this sleep sack has already gotten lots of use around here – it’s definitely the one I reach for most often! You can buy a copy here if you want to make your own.

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seagull feathers


Someone told me that I’d want to make another feather quilt soon after finishing the first, and they were right! Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern is a good one, and comes together pretty quickly and easily (even though it requires cutting pieces using templates, which I usually shy away from!)


While I love the look of the feathers in bright bold colors, I thought it might also be fun to see them made out of a variety of white on white prints. I dug through my stash (and made a couple purchases!) and came up with this selection – whites, creams, some really light grays.


Then I cut out a couple feathers, just to make sure I’d actually like them. (I do!)

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