Get in line! – a Heather Ross quilt

Any Heather Ross fans out there? (Ha! What kind of a question is that?!) If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’ve long had a love affair for Heather’s designs. Her Lightning Bugs & other mysteries line was nearly gone when I first started sewing, and I quickly snagged whatever I could find. They still hold a special spot in my heart as being some of the fabrics that initially drew me into quilting (and also into the thrill of chasing down hard to find fabrics!)

Luckily, I didn’t have to chase down these prints for this quilt. The kind people at Windham fabrics were so nice to send me a bundle of Heather’s Kinder line right before it was available and I quickly got to work making something with it (earlier post about this quilt here).

After pulling out my favorites, I noticed how nicely they paired with my favorite prints from Heather’s Briar Rose line so I decided this quilt should be a combination of all my favorites. I just love the colors together, and then the prints themselves… apples and roses and frogs… bumblebees and strawberries and paperdolls.

I decided to back this one in the frog print from the Kinder line, but oops, failed to buy quite enough, so improvised with some left over scraps for one corner. A bit of straight line quilting and this one was done!

I had trouble finding a binding – I couldn’t find a solid that worked, and another print from one of these lines seemed like it would be too busy. I finally found a purple print by Denyse Schmidt in my stash that I think worked well. Plus, Denyse and Heather always seem to go together somehow.

And finally, after carrying this quilt around in the car with me for weeks, Morgan spotted this barn/sugarhouse/store? that appeared closed (nothing worse than people staring while I’m trying to take quilt photos!) on our way to take the kids skiing this past weekend.

Yay! I can finally show it to you. Photographing quilts used to be the easy part, but lately it’s the part that’s holding me up from getting these online. I suppose a backlog of projects is a good problem to have though…

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improv from long ago

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my previous quilt! It’s fun to finally have things to show here again.

Today I have another old quilt to show you — I pulled this quilt top from the depths of the closet, where it’s hung since 2012. I had even already made a backing to go with it, so I’m not sure why it took so long to actually quilt it.

I don’t even remember actually piecing these improv sections together – you can read my original post here which talks a bit about it – but I do remember not having enough of any one solid for the background, and being quite pleased with myself when I was able to come up with enough of four different colors to use one in each corner. I like the way it turned out – probably more so than if I had used one color for the whole background.

Once again I decided to quilt this one with straight lines about 1″ -ish apart. The majority of the backing is an Essex linen, and the simple straight lines keeps it nice and soft. It’s bound in a pretty pale pink stripe.

And just for a laugh –

Here’s the first time I attempted to get photos of this quilt, also in the snow, but also on perhaps the coldest, windiest day possible. Morgan’s being a good sport, but I think he was pretty happy when I called it quits!

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a snowy start to 2019!

Well well! It seems that the longer you stay away, the harder it is to get back into it! But look — here I am, and even with a finished quilt that I saved specifically for a snowstorm. The weather finally obliged a couple weekends ago, and despite being bitterly cold, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get this bright and colorful quilt photographed against the start snowy background.

Tired of seeing so many quilt tops hung in my closet, I’ve been making a good effort to make backings for them and actually get them quilted. I was paralyzed for a minute, feeling I needed a different (new! fun! exciting!) quilting design for each, but after going through a pile of older quilts, realized that I’m really quite drawn to the ones with simple straight lines, so that’s what I’ve done here. I always love how it looks.

This quilt top is one I made way back here (2016!). I always love the look of a hst quilt, especially one in solids, so naturally this one is a favorite. It’s bright and cheery and a good antidote to our current chilly temps!

I found the perfect backing in my stash – this great floral print by Anna Maria Horner, and even took the time to piece the backing neatly to make it almost appear seamless. Sometimes those extra steps are worth the effort. I bound it in a dark charcoal solid also from my stash and am quite pleased to have this out of the closet and into the finished pile!

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