hooked hexagon collage – a quilt top


Thanks for all the nice comments about my hooked hexagons quilt top! Many of you asked for measurements, and I do hope to put together a quick tutorial/pattern for you. [I thought it would be fun out of Ellen Luckett Baker’s new Folk Modern line, but if I wait for fabric, I may never get it done, so I think I’ll probably use something I have here.]


Interestingly enough, a few of you mentioned wanting to use a layer cake with this pattern. And indeed, I had already made up this little quilt top out of Carrie Bloomston’s upcoming line, Collage, for Windham Fabrics. They had generously sent me a layer cake of that line, which I cut up for this pattern. The previous quilt I posted has larger blocks, so a layer cake wouldn’t work, but I was able to alter the dimensions a bit to make it work with a layer cake.


Speaking of my poor math skills though, you can see here how my initial calculations were a bit off! Of course I had all the blocks made and sewn into rows before I realized my error, and at that point I almost called it quits. But after walking away for a bit, I decided to solve that little problem by adding an extra strip to the center of each block. It’s not ideal, but I’m ok with it (and don’t worry, when I provide you with measurements, I’ll be sure they’re the right ones!)


I’ll try to be back soon with a tutorial for you! (Oh, and for those who asked about figuring out dimensions on your own, feel free!)


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18 Responses to hooked hexagon collage – a quilt top

  1. 1
    Pat says:

    I actually like the strips that you added. Lots of possibilities with that.

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    I agree with Pat; I love the strips!

  3. 3
    judy says:

    I like the narrow strip in the middle of the interior a very modern twist. When I first looked at it I loved the design feature and then read it was a miscalculation. Keep up the fabulous work!

  4. 4
    janita says:

    I like the little strip 🙂 I think it adds a lot to the design. Thanks for sharing. janita

  5. 5
    Pam Pollock says:

    Love the strips. Looks fabulous! I think this is my next project. Again love!

  6. 6
    JoZina says:

    The extra strips are what makes the quilt so interesting. The traditional block is powerful, traditional, fine but the strips make it fantastic. Don’t you love when mistakes actually make things better?

  7. 7

    Amazing, I love it! Love the colors.

  8. 8
    CJ says:

    Fantastic photos, wonderful view and the most amazing sky. Oh, and I love the quilt!

  9. 9
    terri henderson says:

    love this one, the strips add a great interest to the blocks.

  10. 10

    I thought that the strips were intentional – and like them!

  11. 11
    karen says:

    Isn’t it fabulous when a mistake becomes a design triumph? I agree with all the comments about how interesting your quilt is with the added stripe! I know you would probably never do this again but I’m glad you figured out how to save this quilt–the fabrics and colors are quite nice together! Very cheerful–and modern!

  12. 12
    karen says:

    PS–You do take the best quilt photos! This one is just beautiful.

  13. 13
    Patti says:

    Love the quilt and Karen is soooo right – you do take the best photos.

  14. 14
    jeanne e. says:

    this looks great! i never would have known the added strips weren’t planned. 🙂

  15. 15
    Jamie says:

    I COMPLETELY agree that I LOVE the strip in the middle of the block… if you write up a tutorial, you should have that be an alternate version. I actually love this look more than the full block. Thanks for sharing your snafus and triumphs… it is so encouraging!

  16. 16
    Cristin says:

    You chose the perfect combo of fabrics. I lean toward NOT TOO GIRLY too. And you’re going to adore having a little girl! So sweet and cuddly. My twin girls are a 180 from my son. So different!

  17. 17
    Linda medley says:

    I would like your instructions or your pattern.
    thank you!

    • 18
      Linda Medley says:

      I bought a lot Carrie Bloomstein’s Collage fabric at the quilt show this weekend. I would love to get started on it. Could you just give us the size of the squares? I will be glad to pay you for some info on it. I think i can figure some of it out myself, but any input you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you!

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