hooked hexagons quilt top


I showed you this stack of fabrics a couple weeks ago, and now I’m pleased to show you the quilt top I sewed up using those golds, aquas and grays.


The inspiration from this one came once again from a pillow I had seen a while back (I’d love to link to it, but of course now have no idea where I saw it!) Pillows and rugs seem to be providing lots of inspiration these days!


It came together pretty quickly since the blocks are a decent size (photo with Max above to show the scale), and I like how it really shows off big pieces of fabrics.


I suppose I should clarify that it came together quickly after I finally figured out the correct math. Since I was going only on my memory of a photo, I had to do some calculations, and they proved more taxing than my pregnant brain could handle. I lost count of how many reject blocks were created before I got it right!


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