hooked hexagon collage – a quilt top


Thanks for all the nice comments about my hooked hexagons quilt top! Many of you asked for measurements, and I do hope to put together a quick tutorial/pattern for you. [I thought it would be fun out of Ellen Luckett Baker’s new Folk Modern line, but if I wait for fabric, I may never get it done, so I think I’ll probably use something I have here.]


Interestingly enough, a few of you mentioned wanting to use a layer cake with this pattern. And indeed, I had already made up this little quilt top out of Carrie Bloomston’s upcoming line, Collage, for Windham Fabrics. They had generously sent me a layer cake of that line, which I cut up for this pattern. The previous quilt I posted has larger blocks, so a layer cake wouldn’t work, but I was able to alter the dimensions a bit to make it work with a layer cake.


Speaking of my poor math skills though, you can see here how my initial calculations were a bit off! Of course I had all the blocks made and sewn into rows before I realized my error, and at that point I almost called it quits. But after walking away for a bit, I decided to solve that little problem by adding an extra strip to the center of each block. It’s not ideal, but I’m ok with it (and don’t worry, when I provide you with measurements, I’ll be sure they’re the right ones!)


I’ll try to be back soon with a tutorial for you! (Oh, and for those who asked about figuring out dimensions on your own, feel free!)


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