a hug from a marshmallow (a Cotton + Steel Bespoke quilt)


I say it a lot, but this one is definitely my new favorite quilt. I love a soft quilt, and with all this double gauze, this one is extremely soft! I’ve spent some time with it wrapped around me, so I can say for sure that it feels like you’re being hugged by a marshmallow (er, at least what I imagine being hugged by a marshmallow would feel like…)


I used Quilters Dream wool batting this time around, which was a first for me. I typically like a nice flat quilt, so usually opt for their Select or Request battings which are cotton. Long ago though, Rhea of Alewives had recommended the wool to me and I had been wanting to try it ever since. I thought it would be a perfect choice with the double gauze, so decided to give it a go.


Despite my fear of overly puffy quilts, I was surprised how much I love the wool. It does give it a little extra puff, especially when combined with the two layers of double gauze (front and back), but it also makes for a super soft, lightweight, cozy quilt. Big fluffy piles of marshmallows (just look how happy Anna and Hazel look wrapped up in this one!).


Another first for me – hand tying a quilt. I had to laugh because everything I read talked about hand tying being a quick and easy way to finish a quilt. Ha! Having never done so, I sat and stared at the quilt, wondering what to tie it with, what color to use, how close together they should be, etc and I think a few weeks went by with no progress at all! (When I did finally start it was rather quick though).


Those of you who knit might cringe when I tell you that rather than going out to get yarn/embroidery floss/what have you, I dug through my Plucky Knitter yarn stash, and of course the only color I felt would work happened to be cashmere (making this quilt even more expensive!). I used a reddish pink for the corners of each block, and then a pale purple/pink for the centers of each block.


I pieced the backing with lots more double gauze – a large piece of the red print, along with all the leftovers from the front


including tiny hsts from the triangles I was left with from making the blocks on the front.


I couldn’t convince Morgan to wrap this quilt around his body and stand outside in downtown Burlington for quilt photos, but luckily Anna was in town at the time and didn’t seem to have any qualms about wandering around on the docks draped in a quilt! Thanks, Anna!



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