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I’ve been sewing with knits fairly often recently. In my quest to have enough Lindens to wear on a daily basis, I’ve stocked up on various knits. Of course I’m not prepared enough to have photos of said sweatshirts (and I hate doing the modeling!), so instead you get Hazel in cute new knit leggings.


This print is from April Rhodes’ new line, Wanderer, for Art Gallery, and I was happy to find this particular one comes as a knit. I haven’t made myself anything yet from an Art Gallery knit, but I think they’re lovely – nice and soft and substantial.

Each time I post a photo of a knit top on IG, I’m asked where to find good knits, so I thought I’d provide a quick list of the places I check most often. Knits are hard to buy online, and after ending up with a large box of knits that aren’t quite what I was looking for, I try to stick now with a thicker knit, and I’ve had good luck looking for french terry, ponte, interlock or double knit, all of which are more substantial.


Here’s where I shop for knits:

Harts Fabrics (I used this Splendid sweatshirt knit in one of my favorite LindensĀ  – though it’s a looser weave and unravels more than others, so beware of that).
Fabric Junkie has a large apparel section, separated by type.
Drygoods Designs always has a unique and ever changing selection of apparel fabrics, including some fun knits from time to time. I like the looks of this striped one, though I’d probably email Keli to ask about the weight before buying.
Felinus Fabrics on Etsy is where I’ve picked up a number of fun knits recently. She’s out of LA and adds new fabrics quite regularly. I’ve found that you often need to order when you see something you like, as her stock seems to be limited to what’s listed.

For the kids (most often for pj pants and/or leggings), I love the organic knits from Monaluna. The prints are cute and fun and my kids just adore them. As a bonus, the knit holds up really well to many, many washes!

This is just a quick list, and certainly there are great knits to be found in many shops, but hopefully this gives you a little start if you’re interested in ordering knit fabrics!

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