Another Cotton + Steel quilt? Why, yes! I was playing around with my Cotton + Steel stash one day and once again was admiring how many ways they can be paired. Inspired by this image from Jeni’s Splendid ice creams, I made up a bunch of these equilateral triangles back in January. I couldn’t come up with a plan for the layout, so I set them aside for a few months.


I originally thought that I might add in a bunch of brightly colored solids and maybe play around with the layout, but when I pulled the triangles out recently, having just received this great polka dot print from the Hello Bear collection by Bonnie Christine, I knew it was what I had been waiting for. I think I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve been trying to be good about only buying fat quarters or half yards of favorite fabrics (or f8ths of entire lines I like), but I had to make an exception for this fabric. I won’t tell you exactly how many yards I’ve bought so far, but suffice to say I’ve broken my 1/2 yard rule.

(Hazel still adores Alexia’s Tiger Stripe print!)

I love the randomness of the polka dots, making it a great one to chop up and use as a background (Penny and Amber have both been making fabulous blocks with it as the background). I was a little surprised when I received it to find that it wasn’t as white as I expected, but it turns out that the slightly off white color works perfectly with so many other fabrics.


Anyway, I digress. Don’t you love these great prints? I think the colors look great together and think that this low volume background print lets them really shine — something that wouldn’t have been the case with my initial colored solid idea. I suppose it goes to show that sometimes it works to set projects aside if they’re not coming together. In the end, it was a quick finish, especially since these triangles are larger, measuring 9″.

We stopped by my brother’s shop one day where I thought I might be able to tape this quilt top to the side of his warehouse (no go – note to self, get better tape!). As it turned out, he happened to be there, so he was nice enough to be the quilt holder of the day.


The kids think their uncle is pretty funny, and soon this was less about a quilt photo shoot and more about a game of peekaboo.


They call him ‘uncle beep beep’ (which is slightly better than my poor sister Whitney’s nickname of ‘aunt meat’) and think it’s especially hilarious since they realize that both my brother and sister wish they had been given better nicknames. Ah, kids be funny.


I liked making this one so much that I’ve already made up another, this time using some of Heather Ross’s upcoming Tiger Lily line. I’ve been driving around with it in my car, hoping for a chance to get photos, but we’ve had a week of rain, so no luck yet…

Cotton + Steel prints and that great polka dot from the Hello Bear collection can be found in many great shops, including many of my sponsors, which are listed in the right sidebar. Thanks for shopping and supporting them!
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  1. 1
    DreiPunkteWerk says:

    I find it super, that you broke your fat quarter rule ;-))
    Again and again and again: I love your quilts!
    Best regards,

  2. 2

    Gorgeous Quilt, I can see why you immediately made another! wishing for some blue skies for you so you can have a photo shoot! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

  3. 3
    Lana says:

    WAIT!!!! HAZEL!!!! WHAT???? STOP GROWING!!!! Are they both so beautiful? Oh, the quilt is too!!!!

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Penny G says:

    Love the quilt. The game of peek-a-boo is so cute, but your kid are always adorable.

  6. 6
    anna says:

    it’s amazing!!!! Love the way it turned out. Now quilt it up!!! haha. 😉 and those kids of yours, so so cute!

  7. 7
    Susan Jonsson says:

    I love this quilt so much….Hard to believe Hazel has grown so quickly….Wasn’t she just an infant? Adorable children….Sweet post! Thank you for sharing….and, tempting me to buy yet more fabric!

  8. 8
    CJ says:

    It’s gorgeous, I really like this one. Beautifully photographed as well. I’m laughing about aunt meat, that’s a winner! CJ xx

  9. 9
    Rochelle says:

    Beautiful quilt and lovely children. Nicknames are so much fun!!

  10. 10
    Terri Ann says:

    Those polka dots are amazing! What a fun quilt and the cutest pictures of your assistant quilt holders *obviously* discussing quilt holding techniques with your quilt holder for the day 🙂

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    I don’t know which I love more, the quilt, or Jeni’s ice cream. The black and tan sundae is in my top 10 favorite foods of all time. And of course, I’m a huge sucker for a good triangle quilt! Love, love, love.

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    Love the quilt. Glad you had such good help/

  13. 13
    Coastal gray says:

    Your little girl is so big and adorable as is brother too. Love this quilt, such a great idea, sliced triangles…. So inspiring…. Outside the box…

  14. 14
    Ruth says:

    I love the slices pieced into the triangles, could have fun arranging and rearranging them for hours!

  15. 15
    Catriona Pene says:

    Aaggh – another gorgeous quilt – love your work!! Every time I open one of your blog posts it makes me want to do one of two things- start sewing or buy more fabric (even when it is 4am and I am up surfing the net as I can’t sleep) keep posting please!

  16. 16
  17. 17
    Patti says:

    I checked one of the sites for the Hello Bear collection and only found the dots in a color called Whisper. It didn’t look as white as yours. Does it come in white do you know??
    Love you site.

  18. 18
    barbara woods says:

    Great quilt and beautiful kids

  19. 19

    Love the equilateral triangles. So simple and elegant. I am hand piecing a blue and white one right now.

  20. 20
    Mel says:

    Aunt Meat? Crikey!

  21. 21
    Lisa says:

    What’s your trick for piecing triangles? I’m afraid of the whole bias thing 🙂


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