squares of Maze & Vale


Apologies in advance for the back to back Maze & Vale posts, but man, I love Leslie’s prints! I collected her fabric panels and sample packs for quite a long time (years, maybe?) and while I often took them out and admired the lovely prints, I hadn’t used them in any quilts.


One day I took them all out and decided it was time to use them all in one epic Maze & Vale quilt! I really loved how they all looked together, so I added in a few matching solids and a background color (Cotton Couture Soft White) that matched quite well with the M&V basecloth.


I started making these blocks many months ago – very early this year, I think? – and as I type this now, I was trying to remember what the inspiration was, but I’m not sure I really had any when I started. I think my main thought was how well the Cotton Couture soft white matched with the background of many of the Maze & Vale prints, so I decided to just alternate the prints with the soft white. As I added rings, I realized it might be fun to add in little pieces of the solids where they matched the prints.


I kept making blocks and sticking them up on the design wall. I still don’t think there was too much of a plan in my mind, but as the randomly sized blocks accumulated on the wall, I decided I really liked how they all looked together so I kept making blocks. At some point I realized that I was going to have a little trouble piecing in the background fabric while keeping the layout I had going, but I decided not to let that bother me.


I think it was a good thing I was really excited about this project, because consequently the tedious job of piecing in all those little background pieces didn’t bother me – I was in such a hurry to see it all completed!


Since the layout is random, and includes lots of differently sized blocks, there was a lot of measuring required, lots of inset seams, and a bunch of standing back, staring at the design wall and trying to figure out what to sew together next. Luckily I find that kind of sewing to be a fun challenge, and I felt pretty proud of myself when it was finally all sewn together!


And, best of all, I absolutely love it! Leslie’s hand printed fabrics are so beautiful, and I’m so thrilled to have a quilt top that showcases so many of her fabulous designs. I have the perfect backing in mind, and now I need to figure out the right quilting. Ideas are welcome!




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