Maze & Vale Converging Corners


I quilted this wall hanging recently, and I think I love it. As I mentioned before, it was a bit of an experiment – I wasn’t sure how these low volume prints (all Maze & Vale hand printed fabrics) would look in my converging corners design, since you kind of need the prints in the corners to stand out to form the design, but as it turns out, you can still see the design and I love the way it looks with these softer prints.


You can even see the design from afar!


I quilted it with concentric circles again, though this time varied the spacing between the circles.


I first quilted circles about an inch apart, then went back and filled in different sections. (It can be hard to know when to stop!)


The backing and binding are both Robert Kaufman Essex yarn dyed in flax, which seemed to go well, and fit the feeling, of the lovely Maze & Vale hand printed fabrics.


And all those lovely Maze & Vale snippets? I’ll never get tired of looking at them!

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