diagonal panes


Remember when I made two Catnap quilts using similar fabrics? Well, here’s the second, finally quilted!


I used all the prints from Lizzy House’s Catnap line, along with a number of additional prints in a rainbow of colors. I think the squares are cut at 5 3/4″ and then I arranged them in a loose rainbow (very loose!, but hopefully still gives that rainbow feeling). I decided to sash it in a hot pink solid, and when Morgan suggested doing a corner in a lighter pink, I went for it.


I couldn’t decide how to quilt this one, and drew a whole host of quilting designs across the top with washable marker. In the end I ignored them all and went with straight lines – mostly because I only had my mom’s sewing machine on loan for a day and I knew I could speed through these quilting lines in the time I had left.

Part of the reason I was having trouble deciding was because I wasn’t sure what color thread to use. I like my thread to blend in, and that’s always a concern when the sashing is a lot darker than some of the other prints used. Because I didn’t have the time to hem and haw about it I just used the pale pink Aurifil I had used for the previous quilt I quilted, and happily it blended equally well with the lighter and darker prints as well as the hot pink sashing.


The backing is a large section of that great butterfly print. It was one of my favorites when Lizzy first designed it and I was glad to see it return in new colors.


I bound it with the same brown and white skinny stripe I used in the pixelated rainbow catnap quilt. I loved how it looked in that quilt, and I love it again in this one. (And ha! one quilt photographed on the ice on Lake Champlain, and the second in nearly the same spot at the start of the summer season!)

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