a munki munki quilt in progress


I’ve been trying to do a bit of organizing, and in the process, have been discovering some fun (and not so fun!) older projects and lots of fabrics I’ve been saving. I pulled out my Munki Munki stash, which I collected over several years, and decided to make up one more quilt. I’ve made several quilts out of these fun prints and now that I got to play with them one last time, I can honestly say I’ve had my fill.


Some of you may notice this is the same design as my autumn blush quilt I posted recently – turns out this is a great design for making while simultaneously playing with the kids. It’s also a great design for packing in lots of different fabrics. And now that the top’s complete, it’s really fun to look for all the fun little details – chickens, kitties, goldfish, apples & pears, oh my!


I’m still deciding on a backing – a little extra Heather Ross perhaps? I might have to go all out on this one! In the meantime, I’m sorting through and listing the remaining Munki fabrics, which you can find here.

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