Lucky Girl – a giveaway from Dragonfly Fabrics

Happy Friday! I’m nursing a Halloween candy hangover, how about you? We always buy lots of candy, and each year it seems we get fewer trick-or-treaters, leaving way too much leftover candy to taunt me. This year was the first year Max got to go out, and wow, I think it’s his new favorite holiday! (unfortunately for him he has a peanut allergy, so now I have even more candy to tempt me!)

Lucky Girl Fat Quarter2

But enough about that, how about a giveaway from one of my lovely sponsors, Dragonfly Fabrics? Amy has a great online shop and carries lots of great designer lines, including a few of my favorites like Koi by Rashida Coleman Hale and Tule by Leah Duncan. You can search by collection or designer, or even by color or style. There’s also a section for pre-cuts, and when I just took a little peek there I discovered Amy even has a few of the oh so popular Carolyn Friedlander Botanics charm packs left (hurry before I go snag them!)

luckygirl fat quarter3

Today Amy is offering a great fat quarter bundle of the new Lucky Girl line by Jennifer Paganelli. Interestingly enough, some of the very first fabric I ever bought was by Jennifer Paganelli, and I just used up the last of it on a recent quilt!

lucky Girl Fat Quarter1

To enter, please leave a comment here and I’ll select a winner on Sunday evening.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.51.25 PM

Update! Winner winner, comment #512, KLee Theel, who said “More than 500 people have commented so I’m not holding my breath for a win. But, I will chime in on how beautiful these fabrics are – on their own and in combination.  My husband asked me today if I ever get tired of looking at quilts and what not.  I tried to explain to him how there is an endless source of creative inspiration out there and I will never tire of it.  Cruising through your blog and Dragonfly Fabrics’ website just makes me ridiculously happy.  This kind of joy is impossible to explain. ;)”

It’s always interesting to me to see what number comes up using This time it was one of the last comments received, and I had to laugh when I went and read the comment. You just never know! I loved the comment too – and I certainly understand what you mean.

_ _ _

Thank you, Amy, for a great giveaway, and thank you all for taking a peek at her shop and supporting my sponsors!

Keep up with Dragonfly Fabrics – follow the blog here or follow them on Facebook here. You’ll find news on their new arrivals and upcoming sales, including their current sale – 10% off the Bella Collection by Amanda Murphy (discounts are shown after fabrics are added to the shopping cart).

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