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I’ve been collecting quilts to show and have for sale during Nido’s Artist Pop Up. It was fun to have a look at some of the older quilts that have been stored, though it’s always hard to decide which I might be willing to part with! I came across these two fun wall hangings which I finished many months ago, but apparently never shared here. I thought I ought to snap a few photos for the old blog before putting them up for sale.


I love the handprinted fabrics from Umbrella Prints, and had purchased one of their trimmings packs (Nido has these trimmings packs available too). The heart print is one of my favorites, so I was happy to find two small pieces in my pack. I decided to use them as the centers of each quilt, surrounding them with complementary solids. There are a few additional Umbrella Prints prints scattered in here and there.


I know I said it before, but it really is satisfying to be able to use up fun little scrap pieces and to have them be a prominent part of a quilt. In order to highlight the heart centers even more, I decided to quilt each in a spiraling circular pattern, starting over the heart pieces.


I love the way the spiral quilting looks, and it was fun to quilt, though I was happy these were minis! I think they make a great little piece of art for the walls. (Phiona, Nido’s owner, won’t want to hear it, but seeing them up on the walls makes me rethink selling them!)

Phiona has done a great job hanging and displaying the quilts I’ve sent over, so if you’re in the Burlington area, do stop in to take a look! And don’t forget that the artist reception will be on Friday, June 28th. (I’ll be there, providing the baby hasn’t decided to make an early appearance!)

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