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I’ve been working on this little puzzle for a while now. I’ve only¬† made one quilt completely of solids and it’s been a goal of mine to make another. And then I saw Lucie Summer’s gorgeous quilt out of all solids, and it was all I could think about. Plus, my stash of scrap solids was really getting out of control, so it was time!

Originally, I started out with this fun Echino print, and thought that I’d make a mostly solids quilt, with a bit of this great print. I chose my solid colors based on this print, but then ultimately decided they weren’t really playing well together.

So instead I just started combining all these fun solids into sections and taping them to the wall. Every time Morgan walked into the room this weekend he found me staring at the wall contemplating positioning of these blocks. They’ve been rearranged quite a bit, but I think I finally have a layout I like.

And I even played around with a few gentle curves, inspired by the fabulous work by Dan at Piece and Press, and by Rachel’s lovely Oodalolly quilt.

I’ve been having so much fun playing with these solids, and working on a quilt which is a bit out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to get back to putting this puzzle together tonight! (oh, and bonus? I’ve really made a big dent in using up a lot of those solid scraps!)

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