shades of blue… another Flea Market Fancy strip quilt

Ready for another strip quilt? How about another made of Flea Market Fancy, this time in blues and grays?

The blues are some of my favorites, and I love seeing them all grouped together like this.

On the back, I used Kona Ice Frappe, with a little yellow for contrast (and a bit of a pieced printed section, of course!). I thought about doing the whole backing in yellow, but didn’t have any on hand and didn’t have the patience to order and wait for it to arrive!

This time I decided to play a bit with the quilting, using curved lines as a contrast to the straight lines of the strip design. I went for this arch design – a series of archs on one half of the quilt with a (sort of!) mirror image on the other half. To make the arch, I marked the centerpoint of the quilt and then using a water soluble marker, I drew out the first arch on either side freehand (which is why I say it’s sort of a mirror image!). After quilting the first arch, I used the edge guide attachment on my machine to quilt 1″ away from that arch until I filled in half the quilt. This was then repeated for the other half of the quilt.

I love the design that’s created, especially on the backside of the quilt. And even though it took a while, it was fun to try out something a bit different!

I thought about hanging on to this one, but since we all know the baby doesn’t need another quilt, into the shop it goes! sold, thanks Emily!

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