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I’ve tried to be better recently about the number of new fabrics arriving at our doorstep, but I couldn’t resist these lovelies –

Gorgeous solids (with a few Essex linens on top)

Pure Elements by Patricia Bravo. Such beautiful colors, and so soft to the touch!

I had been admiring Jay McCarroll’s newest line, Habitat, for a while, but then after seeing Amber’s fabulous quilt top, I was sold. I opted for the purple colorway, since my stash always seems to be lacking in purple fabrics. (purchased at, though also available here or here)

And lastly, a bit of summery seersucker and gingham — I’m thinking bloomers, shorts & pants for the baby!

I don’t know how much sewing will actually get done over the next few days and weeks, but for now these piles are lovely to just look at!

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    Kar says:

    They are all so bright and cheery! Especially the seersucker. That will be great for some summery outfits for the baby. 🙂

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    Karee says:

    I love the “for now they are lovely just to look at” ending to your review of your recent fabric acquisitions.
    Sounds sweet but beware of stash creep, fabrics reproduce when you turn out the light.

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    Lisa says:

    Love those solids from Art Gallery – cannot wait to give them a try!

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    summerfete says:

    Ooh I have similar solid colours hanging on my line right now!


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    Love the gingham and seersucker! Our nearest fabric shop has those fabrics in such gender specific colours that I’m having to wait until baby number two appears (we’re having a surprise) to learn which colours I’m allowed to buy. And then I suppose I’d better actually spend a bit of time recovering before aiming to start sewing again…

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    Emily cUrfew says:

    Getting fabric in the mail is my favorite kind of mail. 🙂 I love the look Of all those pretty solids together and growing up in new Orleans, I’ve always been a sucker for seersucker 🙂 can’t wait to see baby’s cute shorts and bloOmers

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    Barbara B says:

    Thinking of you!

  10. 11
    virginia says:

    oh that baby is gonna be here any second now 🙂

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    kate - mama needs to wash her hair says:

    even though you have no idea who i am, i thought i would bribe you to come look at my blog, hey why not?! bribe with what you might ask…well, when a quilt finally makes it to the big time, big time being completed, you’re sure to feel super good about your own quilting skills!…now i ask you to come not because i want to be famous in the blogworld, well okay maybe a little bit, but because i have followed your blog for awhile now and it’s for sure one of the reasons i started my own, and if you peeked in at it from time to time, i would be thoroughly pleased and validated to say the least. so the next time you’re kicking up your heels in front of a techie devise, come visit me. t’would thrill me!!!!!!!!

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    Gabrielle says:

    I love those Pure Elements too! I just recieve a whole set of them, as well as a bunch of the Dreaming in French line and the Oval Elements. I am so excited to make a beautiful soft girly quilt with them. Is it just me, or do these Art Gallery fabrics barely fray in the wash? I prewash all my fabric and I usually end up with a huge pile of loose threads, but this time, there was almost nothing to trim!

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    anna says:

    love these ashley and the pure elements are just so soft! At least it sounds like you’ve got a good idea of how time slips away when a new baby arrives. 🙂

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    Kim says:

    I love the idea of having the fabric ready to go and an idea of what you will make with it. Then any time you have can be used to sew instead of shopping and waiting for it to arrive. Although shopping is so fun anytime!!!

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    isn’t jay mccarroll’s habitat the best? i love it, i just used some of the dropcloth design with some gingham on a new quilt, love it. what can’t you do with gingham! have fun!

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    Leslie says:

    Love those solids! Rich colors. Are they lightweight cotton?

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