fabric storage baskets

Making fabric baskets has been on my list for months now. We’re using an old bureau for the baby’s changing table, and there isn’t really any extra room on the bureau top for all the extras. So instead we’ve placed a smaller, shorter table next to the bureau and I’ve been thinking it would be a good spot for diapers, wipes, and all those other necessary baby items you want to have at the ready.

I wanted those items contained though, and thought that fabrics baskets would be fun – you know I love to add in extra fabrics to a room whenever I can! I decided to use these gorgeous hand screenprinted fabrics I bought recently from Hitomi (sold in her Etsy shop, Kalla Design)

I first made this shorter square container, sized to fit this stack of cloth wipes. It’s easy to get them in and out, and I just adore those cute little frogs!

Next I made up a round fabric bucket – not quite sure what I’ll store there – for now, some random baby items. I used one of Hitomi’s prints which was printed on a heavier weight fabric and then lined it with this Michael Miller polka dot print.

The bottom got a pop of green for fun. I love the size and shape, and am thinking I might make up another one – maybe to contain baby socks!

The one I was dreading making was supposed to hold diapers and I wanted it to be about 8″ x 15″. I was afraid it would be too floppy since I didn’t have any stiff interfacing, so I put it off for a while. And I’m glad I did, because suddenly I remembered that I had bought an old wooden box at a yard sale a couple summers ago which might be the right size. A quick trip to the garage (to check up on my yard sale stash! sad, I know…Hoarders will be knocking any day now!) found that this box was quite perfect.

All I had to make was a little liner to fit inside the box. Now I have a cute spot to store diapers. We’ll see if we can keep it all this organized (I expect not!). But in any case, it’s nice to get these things checked off the list – at 39 weeks now, the time is running out!

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