signs of spring – flea market fancy strip quilt in green

Another strip quilt (I gave fair warning, didn’t I?!) I decided to make a couple strip quilts using a bit more flea market fancy, but this time separating out the colorways, so today we have the green/gray version. While I like to think of all those greens as signs of spring, that’s just not the case here yet [as seen in the gray, icy, rainy, snowy photo below]

I really like the mix of green and gray – that gray fmf seed print is one of my favorites, and I’ve managed to sneak a bit of it into each of my recent quilts.

As with previous strip quilts, I’ve quilted this one with straight lines along each seam line. I like that the minimal quilting keeps this quilt nice and soft, and I always love the pattern it creates on the backing.

Speaking of, I went with a lighter gray solid for the backing of this one so that you’d be able to see those quilting lines. And of course a couple extra strips of the printed fabrics for good measure!

This one measures about 40″ x 57″ and is now listed for sale in the shop.

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