something knit, something sewn from a knit

Both things I don’t do often, (or at all, as the case may be with sewing with knit fabric!). I was on a bit of a knitting kick for a little while though, and I thought that if ever I was going to attempt a sweater, now would be the time. A sweater in an infant size seemed manageable. And it was… sort of…

I selected the Baby Yoda sweater (free pattern here on Ravelry) because it looked the least complicated, and it was, until it came time to seam all those individual pieces together. Something went awry with the arms, but I’ve chosen to just ignore that and hope that once the baby’s wearing it, you won’t notice! Otherwise, it’s pretty cute! Let’s hope he can wear it at least once.

And then, since I was trying new things, I decided to try sewing with knit fabric. I’ve wanted to for a while, but have always been a bit afraid of it, not knowing the right way to sew with knits (and quite frankly, being too lazy to bother reading up on it!). I grabbed some of this Michael Miller knit fabric while it was on sale and decided to just go for it.

I used the Quick Change Trousers pattern again (one of my favorites from Anna Maria’s Handmade Beginnings book) but without the reversible aspect. Since the knit was just a plain solid, and since I had nothing else to pair it with, I used a bright green thread for a little extra color. And then I went wild testing out all the various stitches on my machine.

I still don’t know what the correct stitches are to use with knits, but these seemed to work! (definitely don’t come to me with any questions on sewing with knits!) They didn’t turn out too badly though, and while these don’t necessarily wow me, I’m sure they’ll get some use.

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