a couple small finishes

I’m not exactly sure why the flamingos were out the other day, but I did kind of appreciate it, seeing as it made for a fun surrounding for photos of this baby Dream On quilt! I know you’ve seen this one before, so I’ll be brief – just another cute baby quilt made out of a couple charm packs of Urban Chicks Dream On line.

This one is backed in one of my favorite florals from the line, and then bound in a great pink. Cute and cheerful – perfect for a little girl! It’ll be listed in the shop in case anyone needs a last minute gift!

As for other projects… I’ve been doing a little knitting!

I usually get an urge to knit one or two things during the winter. Unfortunately since it’s so infrequent, I spent most of my time re-learning all the steps! This year might be a banner year for knitting though – so far I’ve made myself a new scarf, a hat, a set of baby legwarmers, and I’m working on a pair of baby pants. (we’ll see how that goes!)

I’m impressing myself, since typically I go no further than a simple scarf! (thank you youtube and all the various knitting tutorials!)

If anyone knows of any other fun, quick (and easy!) knitting patterns, let me know!

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