a flea market fancy lattice quilt

This quilt is a marriage of two loves – string quilts and Flea Market Fancy. It’s also one that I’ve wanted to make for ages… ever since my first string quilt. I think I might have been under the impression that it was too easy, so I never bothered, but you know what? Sometimes you want a nice easy project. Instant gratification is a good thing from time to time, right?


(please ignore all the piles of mess! clearly I did not pick up before taking these photos!)

I decided to cut into my Flea Market Fancy stash for a queen sized quilt for our bed. I used the same string quilt method but rather than using the white strip through the center of each block, I used a wider strip of one of the FMF prints. Then I bordered each strip with solid white.

I really love this simple, clean look and the way it really highlights the FMF prints. The other nice part is that it didn’t use a ton of flea market fancy, while still giving the look of a flea market fancy quilt.


I’d really like to do some straight line quilting on it – to add a bit of a pattern to those solid white squares – though I’m totally afraid of how long it might take! I made up a baby version just so I could test it out (same pattern, but slightly smaller starting block size).


And it turns out that I do love the quilting, but it really took some time, even on this baby sized quilt.  I’m not sure if I have the patience to do the same sort of quilting on a queen/king sized quilt!


Anyway, the back of this one is a nice solid green, with a hint of the lattice pattern (or maybe an “x marks the spot”). I really love the pattern the quilting creates on the back!


Now that I see this one done, I really want to get that larger one done! (though to be honest, the thought of all that work makes me want to set it aside and work on something else instead!) Hope I’m not the only one daunted by quilts of that size!

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