a new favorite – a quilt with Far Far Away II


I’ve been eagerly awaiting Heather Ross’s new line, Far Far Away II, mainly because I always adore everything she designs, and this time the prints are on a linen/cotton blend which is really beautiful. I managed to snag a FQ bundle of this new line just before it was available in stores (now available at Superbuzzy & Fabricworm, and soon to be available everywhere) and spent quite a few days admiring the prints and trying to think of a good way to show them off in a quilt. (I love mixing and matching fabric lines, but lately I’ve also become quite fond of making a quilt out of a whole fabric line (unfortunately this one is missing the Sleeping Beauty in Plum). It’s sort of my way of having a visual reminder of one of my favorite lines… though I suppose a photo of the fabric stack would work too… anyway, I digress…)

So, back to the quilt. I tried out a couple things without too much success. I think my main problem was that half of these prints are a larger scale and since I only had a small amount of each, I didn’t have the luxury of fussy cutting the designs. In the end I gave up trying to cut them perfectly, and decided that I’d actually be quite happy just seeing different portions of each design.


The design came about as I was admiring my latest Flea Market Fancy quilt. So as I was looking at it, and thinking about how much I really do love the string quilt design (possibly too much, I admit) I started thinking about how I could replace the white squares with the Far Far Away prints and use a corresponding solid for the sashing — a reverse of the FMF quilt, if you will. (Of course, at this point it’s no longer a string quilt, but I still look at it and think of a string quilt.)


So here it is. And can I tell you how much I absolutely love it? More than I even imagined. Initially I thought this would end up being baby sized and consequently would probably end up in the shop, but instead it’s ended up being a pretty nice throw size and now I don’t think I’ll be able to part with it!



Blocks are cut on the bias -  5.75″ square

Sashing is Kona Snow

Currently it measures about 58″ x 72″

Oh, and the feel of the fabric? Very much like Echino. I think it’s perfectly appropriate for a quilt!

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