poppy pillowcases


So here’s what I decided to do with my lovely stack of Poppy fabrics (designed by Laura Gunn). I bought the prints with the large poppies, and after looking at them for a while, I just couldn’t see cutting them up. Since it’s about time to put away the flannel pillowcases, I decided to use these beautiful prints for new spring pillowcases…


Of course, then I couldn’t decide which print I wanted to use, so I decided to use them all. At the time it seemed like a good idea, though now that I have 4 sets of pillowcases, I’m wondering if perhaps that was overkill. Variety is nice, right?


I used my pillowcase tutorial, and was amazed once again how quickly they come together! I’d say I see more of them in my future, but seeing as how I now have 8 new ones, I guess we’re good for a while… now I may have to be on the hunt for some new sheets to match.


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