another string quilt… completed!

It’s not queen-sized, but it is finished, and that’s something, right?!


I really love this one, particularly because it has such a large mix of fabrics. I can tell exactly what else I was working on when I made these blocks. I know I must have been working on my munki munki martian quilt around then, since there are a bunch of martian strings, and it looks like perhaps I had just finished this summer top… There are also a bunch of scraps from when I first started sewing, which I had been hanging on to for quite some time. It’s fun to have them all together in this one quilt.


For the backing, I went back to an old favorite – Kona Artichoke. I won’t lie, I was very very tempted to use aqua (again!) but I refrained and tried to be less predictable. I think the light green works well. It has just one simple strip of tiny scraps. Some of these little scraps were on the verge of being thrown out – they were almost at that size where they’re too tiny to have much use — so I was happy to be able to string them all together and include them in the backing.


Oh, and the binding… I typically love a dark binding, but I’ve always been curious about a white binding on a string quilt that has white center strings. I wanted to do it on my first string quilt, but went with a darker turquoise instead and since then I’ve always wondered (one might wonder why that’s the kinds of thing keeping me up at night….) Anyway. I decided to go for it on this one — as I was sewing it on I wasn’t totally sold on it but now that I’ve had some time to look at it, I really like it.


A new favorite, for sure!



48″ x 56″

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