echino patchwork quilt #3

Tired of these quilts yet? I’m not!


More Echino goodness, this time with several of the newer prints (the green peacock one is my favorite!). For this quilt I went with the prints with greens, mustard yellow, turquoise and a little pink, plus several great solids in those same shades.


I did the same quilting on this one as in the purple patchwork quilt. I really like the simplicity of it, and the minimal quilting keeps the quilt nice and soft!


For the backing I used two of the pink solids, with a strip of one of the Echino prints, and the binding is a darker rose colored solid.


I believe this one measures the same as the first, about 34″ x 43“, but I’m not home to check, so I can’t be perfectly positive. As with the last, it’s also listed in the shop, should anyone need a little gift…

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