fall-inspired patchwork squares


The weather here has turned decidedly Fall-like… and quite suddenly. Last week we were swimming, this week I’m pulling out wool sweaters. I should know by now that that’s how it goes here in VT, but yet each year I’m taken aback by the abrupt change. Instead of lamenting the change, I decided to embrace it with a nice fall inspired quilt. I pulled out a bunch of fall colored fabrics from my stash -lots of olive greens, golds, browns and some orange.


I decided to go for just a simple patchwork square design. After looking at the fabrics for a while, I decided the orange was too bright for the look I wanted, so out went those prints and in came some other solid greens and browns for some contrast. I cut a bunch of 3.5″ squares, and then layed them out and moved them around until I was happy with the layout. Here’s where I’m a bit jealous of everyone with their design walls – here’s mine… the floor. I figure all that bending must be good for something though!


(I’m sure some of you are cringing to see that sometimes I can’t even be bothered to iron my fabrics before cutting!)

I sewed them all together into this quilt top –


and I love it!

And for now, I feel ok about Fall as well… providing I have a nice fall quilt to keep me warm!

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