munki munki quilt progress

I’m making progress on my munki munki quilt, albeit slowly. I’ve had a few other projects I’ve been working on, so these blocks have been on the back burner for a bit. Does anyone else have problems switching from project to project? I tend to work on several quilts simultaneously, but I’ve had a bit of trouble keeping the fabrics for each quilt project separate. I just bought a few more shallow plastic bins (the same as the ones I use to store my fabrics) and now I keep a separate bin for each quilt project. When I’m done working on one project, I put all the fabrics for that project, as well as the completed quilt blocks, in the bin and then I can easily put it away for a while. I think this new plan is helping to keep me a bit more organized!

Anyway, back to the quilt. Here’s what it looks like so far –


Originally I was leaning towards no sashing, but I want to make this one a queen sized quilt and when I figured out how many blocks I’d need (way too many!) I think now I’m thinking the sashing may be a good idea! I’ll still need a fair number of blocks, especially since these blocks are only 10″ square, but it seems a bit more manageable!

These are the latest two blocks I added –


I’m going to get to work making a few more, and then I might have to do a little fabric shopping… I may need a few other munki munki prints in these colors to add enough variety to this quilt… maybe these cute chickens?

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