fabric stacks

I like to make piles of fabrics. I enjoy just sitting amidst my fabric bins and selecting fabric which could, potentially, make for fun quilts. I tend to do this in the morning, before getting ready for work. Can you picture it? Me, in my pajamas, getting in a little fabric fix before work? Crazy, I know.

Anyway… enough with the crazy talk, how about some photos of fabric?


These guys are so cute. Maybe a fun boy quilt?

(For those who asked, the alien fabric is from a pair of PJs by Munki Munki (designed by Heather Ross).)

Or how about this one –


I love this gray/yellow combo… or is that charcoal and sour lemon? or maybe citron? (can you tell I’ve been reading the JCrew catalog?)

And you certainly can’t go wrong with goldfish –


Oh the possibilities!

Now time for work…

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