baby birds and butterflies quilt

I got this one finished, and I think it’s fabulous! (is it bad for me to exclaim over my own quilts?!)


The white sashing really turned the corner for me – I liked the blocks on their own, but the addition of the white really makes it all come together for me. I used the Robert Kaufman Kona white for the sashing and a large part of the backing.


As I mentioned previously, I had had fabric pulled for this quilt for several months. It was all based on the fabric used for the centers of each block – a print from Robert Kaufman’s Hot Courturier line. I really love the colors  – the raspberry, lime and chocolate combo, along with those great silhouettes of the birds and butterflies.


For the backing I used up some of the remaining scraps to create a scrappy strip, and since I had a couple butterflies left, I made up a couple smaller blocks for the bottom corner.



I stippled this one, and did a fun patchwork binding, pulling in the brown, lime and raspberry colors. It shrunk to just about a perfect crib size, about 45″ x 60″.  And yes, it’s also for sale!

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37 Responses to baby birds and butterflies quilt

  1. 1
    Faith says:

    WOW! You are quick, quick, quick! Yep, the white sashing is fabulous! Love it!

  2. 2
    Liz says:

    Lovely! I agree, the colors are awesome, but the white sashing really makes it work. I love having an inspiration fabric like that and pulling out my favorite colors. Looks really wonderful

  3. 3
    Crystal says:

    It turned out very pretty! You are very talented!

  4. 4
    jacquie says:

    it’s perfectly fine to exclaim over your own quilts…i can feel your joy in your words…great work as usual!

  5. 5
    lindsey says:

    (is it bad for me to exclaim over my own quilts?!) – are you kidding? if you didn’t i’d think you were crazy 🙂 Gorgeous as always!

  6. 6
    jaybird says:

    it is never wrong to toot your own horn!! nice job!! i’d be proud of myself too if i had made this…

  7. 7
    Shannon says:

    Lovely colors! I’m amazed at how many projects you finish!

  8. 8
    Kyla says:

    What in the world is the background?!?!?! i love the quilt. the back is my favorite part. i like how though the two blocks are out there and random they fit really well. i also love how you took the pattern from the front and used a moderation for the back. ADORABLE

  9. 9
    kreachr says:

    It’s just beautiful! I love the colour combo – when you say it in your head it sounds kinda weird, but when you see it, it works fantastically well. Awesome job!! 🙂 The white ties it all together really well

  10. 10
    Audrie says:

    That’s so gorgeous! The white really tie it together beautifully! Love this one so much! 🙂

  11. 11
    Marty says:

    OK, this is why you turned me down on the block party. I do not know how you get done all you do. The quilting alone on this quilt is amazing. Do you sleep? So you work through the night? That is a beautiful quilt. Really you do all this yourself?
    You are amazing.

  12. 12
    Heidi U. says:

    I love looking at your blog! Your quilts are amazing and I LOVE that you took the pictures in front of a train that has been “tagged” — very nice!

  13. 13
    Jackie says:

    I can see why you love it! Love the Kona white with these colors, makes them pop!

  14. 14
    Erin Robertson says:

    I’m a new (huge) fan of your quilts. Do you mind me asking, how big was this one before you washed it? I’m working on my first quilt and am nervous about the how much it’s going to shrink!

  15. 15
    Zarina says:

    I too love how the white spaces pulls the quilt together and what a fabulous color combo.

    Is that a train that I see in the background? It makes it so one-of-a-kind.

  16. 16
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Yes, you can exclaim about your own quilts!! I wouldn’t expect you to make a quilt you DIDN”T like!!

  17. 17
    Sophia says:

    So beautiful, I love the colors!

  18. 18
    Amelia says:

    White lights everything up for me too. I can’t help but add some everytime I make a quilt.

  19. 19
    corinnea says:

    Your quilts are always lovely. I really love this color combination too!

  20. 20
    Linda says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!! Those colors together just defy description. And the white draws it all together. Will you be my mommy?? 😎

    I can’t wait for the next one!


  21. 21

    You keep doing it, creating the most stunning quilts. And at a speed I can only dream of. The white indeed draws it all together!

  22. 22
    kvinta says:

    Oh wow, I LOVE the colours!! Especially the raspberry needs to enter into my stash too – soonest possible *giggle*. Love the quilt as a whole too 🙂

  23. 23
    Suzette says:

    What a great finished quilt. The colors are excellent. I also love the train in the background.

  24. 24
    Dolores says:

    I like the combination of colours too. Where did you take the photos? Do you live by a railway yard?

  25. 25
    Jane Swanson says:

    LOVE this quilt. The colors are stunning together. Your creative use of photography with your quilts is always a delight~!

  26. 26
    Tracy says:

    This just might be my favorite! When you said you were going to use white sashing, I wasn’t so sure… but I LOVE it!!!

  27. 27
    Suza says:

    Beautiful! I love the colours and I really love the way you back your quilts too!

  28. 28

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I love pinks and greens together. What a great combo!

  29. 29
    Lavina Dee says:

    I really love the location of the shoot. The juxtaposition of the industural train and the very femine quilt really speaks to me. Very cool.

  30. 30
    Angie says:

    If I were you, I’d have a hard time parting with this beauty! Maybe hang it on the wall in your home and it’ll always remind you of summer, even on winter’s most dreary days!

  31. 31
  32. 32
  33. 33
  34. 34
    Mercedes says:

    Beautiful, I like the back too!!
    I dindn´t tell you you´re in my links in my blog.!!

  35. 35

    not only is it ok for you to exclaim over your own… it is WELL DESERVED! LOVE IT!!!!

  36. 36
    pamela says:

    i am loving raspberry and lime. i think it is a great combo together, looks summery and fall-ish.

  37. 37
    jennifer says:

    the colors and the piecing are amazing, the quilting just puts it all over the top. wow!

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