a sprinkling of far far away half hexagons

Can you guess what our weather was like over the holiday weekend?! Let me just say that it left plenty of time for sewing and quilting. Morgan and I even took Monday off from work to make it an extra long weekend, and still more rain. We did manage to sneak in a bit of beach time, a little lunch on the lake and a spectacular fireworks display though. And due to all the rain, I have another completed quilt for you!


I hope you’re not disappointed in this one. I think my sneak peek may have led everyone to believe that it would be an entire half hexagon quilt, when in reality, there’s just a sprinkling of hexagons. I think an entire hexagon quilt out of the far far away fabrics would be wonderful (and I still might make one!)… I just thought that I’d try it out first before committing to cutting so many half hexagons!

I actually like this one quite a bit. I like the way the hexagons stand out and I think it’s a great way to showcase a favorite fabric, without having to use too much of it!


I had bought a couple yards of the pink frog prince fabric when it first came out. I think I had it in mind to make a dress or a shirt out of it, but I never got around to it, and so I gave it up to use as the backing of this quilt. I love having a big piece of the far far away fabric on the back of a quilt because it’s so soft! Of course, if I had been thinking, I would have made sure to keep the top small enough so I wouldn’t have to piece the back…


I stippled this one (on the new machine!) using a nice variegated thread. It worked well to tie in all the different colors on this quilt. And once again I used the lime green solid from Joelle Hoverson’s Net of Jewels. It matches the greens in the Far Far Away perfectly, and it has a similar soft feel. This quilt measures about 40″ x 50″.


I’m continually told that I have too many quilts, and while I disagree that you can actually have too many, I guess I have to agree with Morgan that we’re running out of room. I’ve started separating them into piles of “must keep” or “might possibly be able to part with”. I think this one might go to the second pile, since I already have two quilts made of the far far away fabric… It should also be noted that I did just sell two quilts from that pile… that’s progress people! (thanks to Sarah and Ginger!)

And this one’s now for sale here! Sold! Thanks Lana!!

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