in which one quilt becomes four…


So this is perhaps a sad story (well, sad for me, anyway), but with a happy ending, so all is well…

I started this quilt to use up some scraps. The inspiration was the back strip of scraps on the abstract quilt. I decided I’d like an entire quilt with strips of scraps alternating with white. I cut a ton of scraps and got it all sewn together…


And here’s where the sorta sad part came in… everything looked good until I went to square the top up. No matter how I tried, it never appeared to be straight and square. I kept trimming the sides, and it still looked crooked (and not in a good, wonky kind of way!). Even when it measured correctly, it was definitely still off. Perhaps it was just an optical illusion, but whatever it was, I just couldn’t go ahead with it. And I don’t even generally have a problem with things being perfectly straight! (imagine what my brother (or anyone else with OCD tendencies) would think!)

So instead I chopped it into four pieces. And while I’m sad that it won’t be a quilt I’ll be able to use, it does make for four very cute baby quilts. Perhaps the perfect stroller quilt? (or maybe even a nice wall hanging!)


Cute, cute, cute (and cute!)


Each quilt measures about 25″ x 35″ and each one has a variety of all of my very favorite fabrics (lots of flea market fancy in there!). They’re each backed with a different fun printed fabric with a coordinating binding.


I stippled two of them, and I quilted the other two with random straight and curved lines.


For sale here! Sold – thanks everyone!

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