I know I say it each and every time, but I love this quilt! You may recall that this one was inspired by the backing of my second time around quilt. I loved that abstract look, and decided to do another abstract design for the front of this quilt.


What’s kind of fun about this type of quilt is that it doesn’t really take too much thought. I didn’t spend any time selecting fabrics — instead I just used whatever was out – I grabbed pieces that were laying on the craft room floor, and other smaller pieces from my scrap bags.


For the back, I knew I wanted most of it to be a solid. I opted for my favorite Kona green – I don’t know the exact color name, but trust me when I say that it’s a fantastic color. For a little added interest, I added in a strip of scraps… alternating scraps with the white fabric. (and this strip actually inspired my next quilt, which I’ll have to show you later this week!)


The quilting is nice and simple – just straight lines. I did horizontal lines in sections, 1/4″ apart. I did a section of about 4 or 5 lines, then skipped down a bit and did another section of a few lines (and repeated for the entire quilt!). There are also a few vertical lines, randomly spaced.


This was the initial test of the GrandQuilter, and I can tell you that I’m quite happy with it! It was really nice to have the extra space to put a larger quilt through, and the speed of this machine made the quilting go by rather quickly. I’m a fan, yes indeed!


Some notes on this quilt:

*Finished size – 58″ x 70″

*White fabric = Robert Kaufmann bleached muslin

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