mini spotted squares


I never expected to make a quilt this small, but now that I have, I might be hooked! They’re quick to start and finish, and a great way to try out new techniques, and most of all, they’re super cute! When I told Morgan what I was making, he looked at me like I was crazy – “but what are you going to do with it?”, he kept asking.  (I think he’s afraid I’m going to start decorating all our walls with quilted projects!)

He needn’t be worried, as this little quilt was made for a certain blogger I met online. (“But what’s she doing to do with it?”, asks Morgan) She’s read my blog almost since the beginning and then recently went out of her way to send me some of my favorite fabrics. This little thank you is a bit delayed, but hopefully will be enjoyed nonetheless.


I decided to do another version of the spotted squares quilt, since I recall her really liking that quilt. In fact, back when I made that quilt, she sent me the most sincere email about how much she liked it – I was so pleased to hear that someone else liked it as much as I did!

This one has a similar look, but I decided on some random straight & curved quilting lines. I had wanted to try it out for some time, and I love the result! The back is a solid I had left over, along with a few scraps from the front. It measures 16″ x 21″.


I  hope you love it Amy, and if, like Morgan, you don’t know what to do with it, putting it away in a closet is ok! (Or maybe it could cover one of Quinn’s dolls?)

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