a giant echino log cabin quilt

I finished another one I’d been neglecting… thanks to Jacquie for motivation in the form of Spring to Finish!


The fabrics in this one are all Etsuko Furuya – many different pieces I’ve been collecting here and there – and the idea for the giant log cabin was Morgan’s (and he was right – I think it turned out great!). I wanted to keep my favorite piece intact – the bird on a ball in the ivory color – so this became the center of the log cabin. I started from the center and worked out, adding on strips of various widths, and piecing in a few other smaller pieces.

We took it out the other day for some photos and came across this field of chives which were all in bloom. I think it might have been someone’s backyard, so I suppose that means I was probably trespassing…



Cool though, right? Oh, wait… you wanted to see pictures of quilts, not chives? Ok, ok…

I planned on quilting it with a spiral square out from the center, but then ultimately decided to just stipple it. I think I would have liked the spiral square, but I had a strong suspicion that I would have spent some time with the seam ripper first! (just a hunch!)


For the back, I used this great Robert Kaufman Linen/Cotton blend in the color flax. It matches quite well with the natural color used in many of the echino prints. I added in this strip of log cabin blocks…


and a nice stripey binding to complete it all!


Oh, and it measures about 50″ x 65″

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