quilting with Heather Ross’s Far Far Away

Has anyone tried quilting with this fabric yet? I couldn’t find anything online, so I decided to just cut into those lovely fabrics and give it a try! I’ve read that it makes for a nice quilt, but I guess we’ll see…

I love to mix fabric lines and one concern was how this lightweight double gauze fabric would work with other fabrics. I considered a quilt with just these fabrics, but I couldn’t go through with it – mainly because I don’t have a large enough variety of the prints to make it work.


So these are my first two blocks – a couple improv blocks… log cabin-ish, squares within squares. And so far, I’m loving them!


Here’s what I can say about it so far (keep in mind that I’ve never sewn with this type of fabric) –

There are a few things that make it more difficult to sew with than regular quilting cotton, mainly that it frays and unravels easily (especially if you make an error and have to rip out stitches!), and also that it’s a bit stretchy* (or at least, stretchier than anything I’ve sewn thus far…). I found that as long as I kept that in mind when sewing and ironing, I didn’t have a problem.

Oh, it’s also hard to cut into… but only because it’s so pretty!

I think I’m going to really like this quilt, and I can see now why someone would want an entire quilt out of this type of fabric – it’s so soft!

Questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments…

*Edited to add: it stretches as you’d expect a more open weave fabric to stretch. It doesn’t seem to get distorted, and I didn’t have a problem sewing it – I was just noting that it has a much different feel than the quilting cottons I’m used to.

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