quilting with Heather Ross’s Far Far Away

Has anyone tried quilting with this fabric yet? I couldn’t find anything online, so I decided to just cut into those lovely fabrics and give it a try! I’ve read that it makes for a nice quilt, but I guess we’ll see…

I love to mix fabric lines and one concern was how this lightweight double gauze fabric would work with other fabrics. I considered a quilt with just these fabrics, but I couldn’t go through with it – mainly because I don’t have a large enough variety of the prints to make it work.


So these are my first two blocks – a couple improv blocks… log cabin-ish, squares within squares. And so far, I’m loving them!


Here’s what I can say about it so far (keep in mind that I’ve never sewn with this type of fabric) –

There are a few things that make it more difficult to sew with than regular quilting cotton, mainly that it frays and unravels easily (especially if you make an error and have to rip out stitches!), and also that it’s a bit stretchy* (or at least, stretchier than anything I’ve sewn thus far…). I found that as long as I kept that in mind when sewing and ironing, I didn’t have a problem.

Oh, it’s also hard to cut into… but only because it’s so pretty!

I think I’m going to really like this quilt, and I can see now why someone would want an entire quilt out of this type of fabric – it’s so soft!

Questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments…

*Edited to add: it stretches as you’d expect a more open weave fabric to stretch. It doesn’t seem to get distorted, and I didn’t have a problem sewing it – I was just noting that it has a much different feel than the quilting cottons I’m used to.

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24 Responses to quilting with Heather Ross’s Far Far Away

  1. 1
    Amber says:

    OK I am so glad you tried this out..I have been staring at my pile of Far, Far Away thinking how fun a quilt would be but not sure about sewing with it. Thanks for all the info – and your blocks look fantastic!

  2. 2
    wendy says:

    I actually cancelled my pre-order after reading this, I don’t want stretchy fabric, no matter how cute it is! Also, it was going to be 50 bucks, and i’m not sure Heather Ross mania hasn’t overtaken me to the point where I can’t tell if i’m “in love” or just swept up!

  3. 3
    Mandy says:

    I love improv! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. 4
    Sara says:

    Thanks for the info on the fabric. I was wondering what the double gauze was like to work with. Now to just get my hands on some…

    Can’t wait to see more!

  5. 5
    Heather says:

    Your blocks look gorgeous so far. I really like the complimentary fabrics that you’ve added. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  6. 6
    Amy Sp says:

    The fabric looks great! I don’t know if I’ll order any since it’s pretty feminine looking, but the second block you made is beautiful.

  7. 7
    Rachel says:

    I knew I’d see quilt blocks with Far Far Away from you first!! Beautiful. I am amazed at how productive you are (and a tad bit jealous too!)!

  8. 8
    Tanya says:

    I’m curious if you prewashed the fabric? There was a post on Bee Square blog that noted when you wash double gauze fabric the gauze actually “tightens” up a bit, I wonder if that would help with the stretchiness? Your blocks look great and I’m so glad that you gave it a go… gives me a bit more courage to actually cut this beautiful fabric.

  9. 9
    kerri says:

    oh, i love them!! i’m so glad you did a post about the fabric. i’ve been a bit hesitante with knowing it is double gauze. i definatley want to try now. just waiting to be able to find more of the colorways.

  10. 10
    isa says:

    Wauw, they are beautiful. I’m lokking forward to see the whole quilt

  11. 11
    admin says:

    Tanya – I didn’t prewash it, though I did read that about it tightening up. Maybe I’ll try washing some…

  12. 12
  13. 13
    Alissa says:

    That’s gonna be one killer quilt.

  14. 14
    mary says:

    I have sewn with double gauze and had no problems at all, it was Nani Iro. It isn’t really stretchy, just a looser weave than quilt weight. I’m planning a quilt, too, and like you, wasn’t sure if I should just use the far far away or mix it with something else!

  15. 15
  16. 16
    tia says:

    Oh I love this line! I got my first order yesterday and have just been dreaming about what I am going to make. I adore what you have done! Great work, your quilt is going to be stunning!

  17. 17
    Dorrie says:

    I just received my FFA also, I stabilized mine with an extremely lightweight fusible stabilizer (the same I use when using silk) it keeps the fabric from fraying which was also my concern. Once the quilt is washed you’d never know the stabilizer is there. I love, love, love the fabric line and your blocks are very nice.

  18. 18
    Wendy says:

    Your blocks are beautiful and ‘peaceful’ if that doesn’t sound too weird… I’m looking forward to buying some of this, as I’m a big Heather Ross fan, I’m also a big fan of starch… I say starch the crap out of it! Works every time for especially for fabric that may stretch a bit.

  19. 19
    ericae says:

    fun new fabric! the fact that its not regular cotton is scary. thanks for taking the plunge for the rest of us and letting us know how it works! 🙂

  20. 20
    corrie says:

    wow thanks for testing it out for the rest of us! I must admit I’ve used double gauze before as I bought a bit on a trip to japan and I loved the softness but sewing with it wasn’t ideal as it did fray as I was hemming

    but I couldn’t resist heather’s beautiful designs…looks lovely! I think I might do something simple with squares when my fabric arrives as miss 2 wants a princess blanket and pillow!

    well done and thanks for sharing!

  21. 21
    Alisa says:

    I want to make a duvet cover for my daughter out of these fabrics…do you think they are too stretchy? I will either do wide strips or large squares. Maybe if I wash it and stabilize it…what do you think?


  22. 22
    Diane says:

    Great post! I just updated my blog to reflect some of the comments here. I’ve added this:

    Even after washing and drying the fabric will retain all of it’s Double Gauze qualities – it still stretches a bit, still feels like an open weave, remains soft, and actually barely shrinks. I measured a before and after of the invisible grid and could barely notice a difference.

    When I mentioned (on my blog) that it ‘tightens up’ it turns out that it’s not because the weave gets tighter (or closer together), it is that the fibers get fluffed (presumably in the dryer) and they start to fill in the spaces of the open weave. This observation comes from about 6 months of weekly washes of the nightgown I made.

  23. 23
    Kay Snyder says:

    Well, after reading your blog and comments I have more hope than I did after my first attempts with it. Will have to blog my second attempts as I think my reorganized plan is a better one.

  24. 24
    Amy says:

    I was all set to buy this fabric after seeing the cute princess and the pea design online, but when I saw it in the store and felt the fabric, I was disappointed. I did not like the feel of it, it seemed almost cheap, not at all like her other fabrics I own. I didn’t buy any, although I do like the design.

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