scattered mini blocks quilt – done!


I just pulled this one out of the dryer, and boy do I love it! It’s colorful, crinkly, and includes so many of my favorite fabrics – what’s not to love?! I suppose I can call this the first finished project for Jacquie’s Spring to Finish challenge. I started this one back in February and since then it’s been spread out on our guest room bed. I looked at it every time I came up the stairs, but never felt motivated enough to make a back for it.


I finally took the plunge last weekend, and actually came up with something I really like. I picked two of my favorite blocks from the front and used those same fabrics to create two sets of strips along the back (and as I mentioned, this is what reminded me how much I like a strip quilt and led to those two baby quilts from yesterday!)


(Many thanks to my brother, Ryan, for coming over as soon as I called him to hold the quilt up for me… I failed to notice he was holding it up upside down, but that’s ok!)

I tried to keep the same tie-in for the binding, selecting a different block from the front and using those fabrics for a pieced binding. (of course I realized after cutting strips of two of those fabrics that I didn’t have any of the third left, so I had to substitute another fabric that had similar colors – oops!)


This one will be taking the place of our current ‘couch quilt’. We’re still getting snow here in Vermont, so quilts are definitely still required!

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