Patchwork squares… I have a new favorite!

I think I must say that I love each quilt I make, but this one has to top the list, at least for now. I love it. love it. I can’t even tell you why, though I think it mostly has to do with the fact that it uses so many of my absolute favorite fabrics.


I also really like this pattern, which came about when I wanted to make a quilt and didn’t have enough pre-cut charm squares. The original quilt I made using this pattern is still one of my favorites as well, but even as I was making that one, I was picturing it this way – made with patchwork borders and lots of white.


My favorite part? Quite possibly the binding. I don’t typically spend too much time on the binding, but this time I did a little extra for this one. I opted for a solid dark gray fabric, but then added in a few sections of patchwork scraps, placed so they’d end up in the white sections. It was worth the extra effort – I just love the little bits of extra color along the binding, especially as seen from the back.


Speaking of, I opted for a simple back on this one – just one large section of one of my favorite flea market fancy prints. (I didn’t want to use up too much of it though, so I went with the white borders). As I mentioned earlier, there’s a picture of this fabric used as a backing on the cover of the Material Obsession book and I just loved it.


Next up – the bright string quilt from a couple weeks ago. That one just might top this one… we’ll see!

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