Spots everywhere!

I just finished this quilt yesterday and it’s become an instant favorite!

If you remember, I came up with this quilt idea when going through my fabric scraps. I realized I had quite a lot of polka dotted fabrics and decided that would be the theme of this quilt. I wasn’t so strict about the polka dotted theme – anything that reminded me of a polka dot was included… including Amy Butler’s Martini Dots, and Joel Dewberry’s Chestnuts and Chestnut Branches.

It was fun to include so many different designers and so many bright colors. It makes me happy just looking at it!

I opted for a little pop of green in the binding, and used Amy Butler’s Seeds in Okra. I really like the color that brings to the edge.

Nice weather we’re having, eh? You can tell winter’s on its way. Not sure how many more times I can convince Morgan to go outside to hold up my quilts for photos!

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